Friday, May 24, 2013

Ikat Ikat

My lovely new Ikat/aztec print scarf from Sportsgirl and After The Apple wallet/clutch (which i bought for my mum, but she has abandoned it for her Michael Kors wallet since)

A new Ikea purchase, This great gold candle holder which adds an art deco accent to my room.

Last night I went into Ikea to get some things for our newly renovated home, I stocked up wardrobe equipment, pillows, candles and a lot more. I am so addicted to that place, there is so much to see and once i get to the candle/photo frame area i seem to go a little mad and the trolley gets a whole lot heavier!
Anyway I'm glad i could get this post in (since i've had a lot of internet dramas) and I can't contain my excitement to get into my new house. Once i get settled I have plans to go for a road trip down the south coast to some beautiful country towns with autumn tree-lined streets.

Until next time..

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