Monday, May 27, 2013

Winter wood

This was taken at my favourite time of day, late in the afternoon. I have this thing for American style fuel stations. 

'Heads Up'
I took this while my brother wasn't looking, It surprisingly turned out well, I love the light leak and the beautiful big tree in the background. 

I have a love for wood fire's, theres nothing more exciting then collecting wood for the fire as the sun hides behind the mountains and the cold chill freezes your fingers.

Today i was looking through my photo's and came across these from last winter and i wanted to share them, Some you may have seen before but others you wouldn't. 
I have always loved winter, i think i was meant to live in a cold climate unlike here in Australia where winter lasts for a mere three months. 



  1. love your blog hun, great photos. followed you on blogger xx

  2. i love sky shots from underneath naked trees! i took one of a tree in central park when i was in new york and i <3 it and it's my lock screen wallpaper :)