Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wandering Limbs

I flew home from Sydney yesterday and am now lounging around. Heres some photos of my purchases:

Pic 1 & 2- Zara blouse (Find here). I love the printed scarf pattern that taps into the Pyjama trend, If only they made flowy pants to match...
Pic 3- Rubi shoes boots (Find here) These are the perfect copy of the Jeffery Campbell 'Rumble' boot.
Pic 4- Mink Pink Jumper in 'Winter white'. The cropped style looks great with my J brand jeans and leather skirt.
Pic 5- Some favourites of mine on my shelf.
Pic 6- In my closet at the moment. I'm wearing a lot of blue's and vintage patterns.
Pic 7- My favourite perfumes; Dior 'J'adore' and Chanel 'Allure'.
Pic 8- What i wore to dinner the other night; Zara Blouse, Thurley leather skirt and Rubi shoes boots.

Listening to: Wandering Limbs by Kimbra and special guest Sam Laurence 


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  1. OMG... J'adore Dior!!! I forgot how much I freaking LOVE that scent.