Friday, May 18, 2012

Instagram photo diary

I just got home from Sydney and wow i had such a great time. Heres some pictures from my journey's...

Pic 1- View from the plane, I got so lucky with the weather!
Pic 2- Packing my bag
Pic 3- What i'm reading at the moment
Pic 4- Some favourite things on my bookshelf
Pic 5- My pretty painted nails (They are more a purple plum colour but they ended up looking red in the photo)
Pic 6- Pretty lanterns
Pic 7- At the Kimbra concert at Enmore Theatre in Sydney. She was so so amazing, her voice was so strong and clear. She was also so energetic, dancing around in her cute vintage dresses. My highlight was when someone in the audience yelled out "I want to have your babies" Which earned a few laughs.
Pic 8- yumm Cheese and cracker platter.
Pic 9- Mood candles..
Pic 10- My Zara purchase sneak peek. (I will post some pictures of what i got soon!)

I hope you all enjoyed your week and are settling in for a fun weekend. 


  1. ooh.. the snow child. that book looks cool. never heard of it before though - what is it about?

    1. I've only read a few chapters yet but its meant to be based on a Russian Fairytale where a couple who cant have children, make a snow child in the snow and wake up to find footprints going into the forest.

    2. Sounds really cool! And kinda creepy... lol :P