Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Owls and daisies

Heres a few pictures i've taken around my room in an act of boredom. I'm currently saving to go to New Zealand for a snow skiing holiday with some friends of mine which means i cant spend any money on clothes or shoes. This is going to be some very long months..

Pic 1- fresh flowers
Pic 2- 'Abbey loves' on my ipad
Pic 3- Some books and vintage tin.
Pic 4- Dried and dead rose's, even in death they still seem to hold their beauty.
Pic 5- Fallen and oyster magazine and my Ipad which always keep me entertained.
Pic 6- My face huddled amongst some fresh flowers.
Pic 7- Owl's, I just bought this ceramic red owl from Typo. I like having a couple together and it adds some colour to my room.


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