Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Instant love

Pic 1- Instant Love book, all about taking the best Polaroid pictures.
Pic 2- Some Polaroid inspirations in '.Instant love'
Pic 3- My bookshelf full of popular Penguin editions and my vintage inspired festival print.
Pic 4- My new Stylestalker Richie Rich skirt! It arrived this morning, i was so happy i nearly kissed the mail man. I originally bought a size 10, but i found it way to big and it was falling off my hips so i sent it back and got a size 8. So for anyone wanting to buy the skirt be very conscious of your size so it fits perfectly. All that aside though it is beautiful and looks great dressed up with heels and a blouse or dressed down with a white tee and ankle boots. (Find it here)
Pic 5- Style stalker tag. I'm really liking their winter collection this year, it has some really great pieces. 
Pic 6- Notebook and pencil case/makeup case from Typo. So pretty!
Pic 7- My new burgundy velvet heels, i love the thick heel. And my new sportsgirl scarf, such great mixture of patterns.
Pic 8- Instant love making its home amongst my favourite coffee table books.


All photographs taken by myself

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  1. ooh i wanna see all of your orange penguins up close!