Friday, March 9, 2012


Heres some snaps of things i've bought / been doing lately.

Pic 1- Some polaroids i took.
Pic 2- Lover skirt in Blush. I love the fit of the skirt it makes your legs look amazing!
Pic 3- Lover label
Pic 4- Butterfly poster from Typo
Pic 5- Funkis heels. I've had these for a few weeks but forgot to post about them. I love the colour and size of the heel, they look great with everything. Find them here
Pic 6- Gold sequins. Sequins are everywhere these days from skirts to dresses to tops. I also just bought the Stylestalker Richie Rich skirt online and am eagerly awaiting it to turn up. Find it here
Pic 7- My wardrobe at the moment, From the left; Natasha blouse, Sportsgirl stripe singlet, American Vintage t-shirt, Alice Mcall dress, Vintage Led Zeppelin tee, Another American Vintage tee, Zimmerman tank, Zimmerman skater skirt, Bardot white blazer.
Pic 8- My guilty pleasure read at the moment. 


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