Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick snaps

Here's just some quick snaps I've taken lately with the instagram app on my iphone.

Pic 1- The view up from my sun lounge. Check out the amazing blue sky!
Pic 2- Actual sign for a little town in this hippie town near where i live. They have the most beautiful names for places such as 'The promise lands', 'Never Never', 'Darkwood' and of course 'Die Happy'.
Pic 3 & 4- Testing out some outfits with my new Stylestalker Richie Rich skirt. Also wearing Sportsgirl silk blouse and Black leather ankle boots and a Asos bag.
Pic 5- My pretty desk at night. I love turning on my fairy lights, and starting up some candles.
Pic 6- Pulling a little pose in my new Natasha One shoulder maxi dress in a wine sort of colour. 
Pic 7- Lights in my room, so pretty!
Pic 8- I've managed to convince my mum and my brothers gorgeous girlfriend, Katie to invest in an After the apple wallet/clutch. We all love them as you can see.. 


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