Thursday, May 2, 2013


My favourite Mac lipstick in 'Syrup', Its the perfect colour for everyday and isn't too heavy.

My baby girl, Rosie. It's nearly impossible to get a photo of her that isn't blurry.

Here's a few new editions to my shelf, A skull figurine from Typo and a Lamp from Ikea.

My new super warm jumper that I'm looking forward to getting some more photographs of.

Some great new Mollini heels that i got from Styletread. They are really comfortable but look great as well, its a win-win. 

So last night I went to the city for my college's open night, Looking around at the place were i will be studying while overlooking the Opera House was a pretty amazing feeling. I cant begin to explain how excited i am to begin my course and meet new people. Anyway I'm off to make some dinner and while watching old episodes of the Hills. 


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