Monday, April 29, 2013

Instagram Diary

The new issue of Real Living, which never dissapoints to inspire me and my new clutch.

This is my favourite place to go for runs, it is so beautiful at this time of day when the sun is nearly gone and you get pastel light. And this is my cheeky puppy Rosie who likes to take naps in uncomfortable places/positions.

This quote pretty much sums me up. This is myself all dressed up pretty on the way to see Sarah Blasko at the Opera house. (I'm wearing my favourite Dior lipstick in the most perfect plum shade)

A slice of gluten free carrot cake from my favourite cafe in Randwick and the new issue of Russh.

My Sunday tradition gluten free 'Moo' burger with my brother at Coogee beach.

Quite possibly the best pizza ever made and the amazing view of the harbour bridge at night as i was walking to the Opera house to see Sarah Blasko (Who was insanely good, she has such raw and true talent.)

Another shot of my favourite walking/thinking place and myself and Rosie going for a run.

Myself at my friends house party in Glebe dressed as a cheetah while cuddling a bunny, a very interesting combination i know! I have a huge love for bunnies. And a box with my cake goodies in it.

Pretty rose's and baby's breath from my mum, also some Purchases from Peter Alexander.

Pretty daisies and my equipment shirt.

My desk and freshly baked gluten free scones fresh from the oven.

Rosie giving me her 'Bitch please' face and autumn leaves.

Winter outfit ideas and driving through the rain on the way to the city for some shopping.

Myself on the way to dinner and my favourite pizza in the whole wide world with a good glass of lemon lime and bitters. 

A topshop purchase and some flowers in my room. 

So there is an instagram update of what i've been doing lately, Now i'm off to watch the new episode of game of thrones and drink some tea. 

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