Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They call me a nomad

The most recent issue of Yen

My new desk, since taking this photo i have bought a few too many things from ikea.

Pretty garland on my wall from typo

I bought a gorgeous white peplum Alice McCall top the other day from David Jones but unfortunately it doesn't photograph well, when its not being worn. You can find it here

Flowers from my mum.

Hey everyone! I apologise for not posting for a long time, I have been without Internet and therefore my life has been somewhat incomplete the last few (excruciating) weeks. A lot has happened since i last posted, as you may know i am living in Sydney and i can say that i am loving it. There is so much to do and so much to see, I went and saw the Eugene Atget exhibition at the NSW art gallery and was blown away but all the prettiness! Since then i have started at my new job which is at a book store, i love the fact that for the past few years i have never had to pay full price for a book. 
I will keep you up to date on any more exciting news.

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