Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty essentials

When it comes to makeup i prefer the 'less is more' approach. I like to go for the dewy look that Russh magazine seems master with their bare faced models. 
Then when it comes to night time i get my inspiration from French Vogue, using brown toned eye shadows and plum lipstick. 

Here is some of my favourite products.

Pic 1- Self portrait wearing my favourite aluminater.
Pic 2- In my beauty bag. 
Pic 3- Chanel face moisturiser. The thick texture makes the perfect base for foundation and creates that lovely dewy feeling.
Pic 4- Since i have such pale skin i find it nearly impossible to find the perfect shade for my skin, This colour seems to work really well. Plus the liquid foundation is the best for creating a natural look.
Pic 5- My favourite Napolean Perdis eye shadow palette in 'Chicago'. 
Pic 6- The best ever mascara i've tried! It goes on perfectly and comes of cleanly at night without the 'Panda eyes' effect. 


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