Thursday, February 6, 2014

Instagram Diary

1- Reading the new issue of Yen with heaps of great articles. 
2- My room after a day of cleaning.

3- For the last week or so i've been trying to get in shape and eat better. I used to eat coconuts all the time as a kid and re-discovered their greatness since my health kick began.
4- Sitting by the Coogee steps watching the sun set.

5- Catching up with some friends that i haven't seen in a while at Bondi and tucking into tapas and cocktails. 
6- My lovely friends! (I'm wearing: Tigerlily Kimono, Saba Tank, Mania Mania necklace and Sportsgirl shorts)

7- Recovery day (after a night out and possibly too many cocktails..) I'm eating homemade sushi and watching the new episode of 'Girls'.
8- My beloved Marc By Marc Jacobs wallet and new Lace shorts.

8- Found the cutest 'Make your own banner' at Typo.
9- Beautiful Rosie making herself at home on my bed. 


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