Thursday, September 12, 2013


Sportsgirl Necklace / Bec and Bridge 'Wisteria' Cami

I've had the last few days off and its been good to relax and bask in the spring sun. The only bad thing about having some days off work is trying to avoid spending all my money on online shopping, Its a serious problem. Especially when all the new Spring/summer collections are in stores. 
Today I did a bit of a spring clean out of my wardrobe, I've got lots of things to sell on ebay, so keep an eye out. I'm also getting things in order for when my new wardrobe gets put in (Everything is still in boxes, since i moved.) 
I've also been looking at some beachy vacation spots to go to in January.
Anyway thats what I've been up to lately.
Until Next Time!

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