Friday, July 12, 2013

Instagram Diary

1- Picking out a cake at my favourite bakery/cafe, Kurtosh.
2- Driving through Hipster Central, Newtown.

1- For a while I've been looking for the perfect Boyfriend jeans that weren't too baggy, I found the perfect pair in Bardot of all places (I usually find their jeans to be very small and too short for me.) I'll post some more pictures of them soon.
2- Last Sunday I went for a beautiful walk in the national Park outside of Sydney. It was late in the afternoon and the light was amazing, unfortunately i forgot my SLR camera so i couldn't get any shots that weren't on my iphone.

1- Another Shot of my walk, with my mum and brother standing at the edge of the rocks.
2- I've been trying really hard to get fit lately and do regular runs, Chocolate catches up with you sometime!

1- My new journal and my gold headphones that are great for screening out the background noise when I'm watching Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf.

1- Another shot of the amazing cliffs that remind me of the white cliffs in England that I'm desperate to see.
2- A quick 'selfie' (My mum's catched onto the whole youth lingo) of my mum and I before going to the shops for lunch and clothes buying.

1- Brightening up my wardrobe with this cute print.
2- The new Frankie magazine. 

Now I'm off to bed since I'm heading down the coast for a picnic and photo taking. I'll post some photos of what I get up to Tomorrow!

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