Friday, June 14, 2013

Instagram Diary

The beautiful clear blue sky. My new purchases from my shopping trip today; Seed Heritage black and white scarf, Zara bag and typo gold earphones for train/bus trips. 

My current obsession, This Bec and Bridge shirt. Having a break from the shopping trip with some organic gluten free treats and a fresh apple juice. 

A flower that i got from my garden. A shot of my room when i first moved in.

Sheltering from the cold with an hot chocolate. My pretty pink nails.

Watching the Great Gatsby , I was skeptical about this Baz Luhrmann adaption since i have seen and loved the original but i really enjoyed it. This is a quick shot of my college, It is so beautiful and has amazing views of the harbour.

My yummy sweet potato and pine nut salad. The very cool restaurant where i had lunch last week.

Taking selfies in the car on the way to the city, I'm wearing my new aviator sunnies and Zara stripe tee. 
A great organic/gluten free cafe that my brothers girlfriend recommended to me in Bondi.

My jewelry collection. And another shot of my new cactus.

The pretty autumn leaves that line the street to my new house. And me relaxing in the sun with a cup of tea.


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