Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Big things are happening for me lately, some things that are good and others that are no so good. 
I'll start by telling you the bad. My beloved book shop where i work has been suffering some financial difficulties and i found out today that because of this they had to close down the store. Unfortunately this is the future for book stores if we don't support them, Soon it will be rare to buy a book that isn't instantly downloaded onto your ipad or ebook. While i am a huge lover of all things technology, it has become evident that so many great experiences are being taken away. Anyway i am now jobless, but i have decided to be positive since it has given me the push i needed to start fresh.

Now for the good stuff, I have enrolled at a design college doing Interior design which i am thrilled about. I have always been a creative person and for a long time i was interested in the fashion industry but i came to realise it is too cut-throat and frankly bitchy. So I'm happy that I've settled into something that i am generally excited to study. 

I will keep you posted on the rest of my developments and I'll try and get some pictures up.

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