Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mega Instagram Diary

Some pretty flowers in the garden outside my brothers apartment in Sydney.

I stayed in this gorgeous Rustic shed/villa over the weekend at the Blue Mountains, it was a photographer's dream location!

Their is nothing better than snuggling up alongside a wood fire place, it really minded me of my old house which had a beautiful wood fire that i used to toast marshmellows on.

Their was so many pretty stained glass windows, they really add character to a home. 

I got some tea and handmade chocolates in the Paragon which is supposly the oldest cafe in Australia, it has amazing art deco interior and vintage goodies.

Some cute vintage things in the Paragon. 

Hands down the best chocolte i've ever had and its been pretty hard to beat good old Cadbury.

I went into this amazing vintage/antique shop which had so many great things and especially 40's tea dresses. 

Yumm lemon, lime and bitters..

It was soooo freeezzzing! Below 5'c, i had so many layers i could barely move my arms. 

Back in Sydney i had some fresh watermelon juice at my fav cafe in Coogee. 

Fairy floss (I ate most of it before i could get a photo!)

Back at home, i stopped at the traffic lights and saw my favourite crazy combi van. 

Heres another owl to add to my slightly obsessive collection... Forget crazy cat lady, i'm the crazy owl lady.


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