Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram Diary

Heres some pictures i've taken lately...
Today a friend of mine surprised me by taking me to a 'High Tea' at this garden cafe, It was so beautiful how they had the table set out with fresh flowers and vintage tea cups. We got a seat on the outdoor deck which looked over the pond. 

Pic 1- Drinking some yummy Jasmine tea
Pic 2- The garden at the Cafe
Pic 3- Having 'High Tea' at this gorgeous Garden cafe/Restarunt. They served us some tiny sanwichs, desserts and tea tastings.
Pic 4- Me
Pic 5- Pretty pattern from a canvas that i got from Typo
Pic 6- Red Sparrow tea Co, they make the loveliest teas in so many flavours.
Pic 7- My favourite type was the 'Vanilla Rose' with dried rose petals, herbs and dried vanilla pods.
Pic 8- Currently reading this gorgeous hardback edition of 'The Wild Things' by Dave Eggers.
Pic 9- My Typo addiction is still going strong! I got a notebook, Deer head coat holder, Photo album and cute mug.


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