Friday, March 23, 2012

Two way street

Pic 1- Deer necklace from Sportsgirl (Find it here)
Pic 2- My new fur coat, so pretty and warm! from Sportsgirl (Find it here
Pic 3- close up of my fur coat
Pic 4- A self portrait photograph from my blog The lone tree
Pic 5- Asos bag 
Pic 6- Super cute timber wall hanging block from Typo 

I thought i would share my excitement, that i managed to get a ticket to go see Kimbra in Sydney. I also just booked the flights, now i just have to wait til May. In meantime though i am heading off to Sydney for 10 days next week to have Easter with my brother and do some serious shopping! Since i'm staying for so long i am hoping to get tones of photos and some style pics. 

Getting in the spirit i am listening to:
Two way street by Kimbra


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  1. That jacket looks SO cozyyy!! and i love those nail polish colours :)