Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pumped up Kicks

Pic 1- Chanel bags from my Chanel purchases
Pic 2- Zara Knit cardigan
Pic 3- Eiffel Tower keyring that my Brothers girlfriend bought for me in Paris.

Pic 4- My new Chanel ring! (It was such a unforgettable experience buying something in the Chanel store. They lead me to a seat and brought out sparkling water for me on a silver platter while i waited for them to package my ring and necklace.)
Pic 5- Leather belt that my brother bought me in Venice.
Pic 6- Burgundy velvet tee from General Pants.

Pic 7- Shoot from Russh magazine.
Pic 8- My new Chanel necklace.
Pic 9- Chanel necklace box, Kitty eye sunglasses, House of Harlow ring, Tree of life amethyst ring, Chanel blush, New Russh magazine.
Pic 10- House of Harlow Antler ring and Tree of life amethyst ring.

I just got back from Sydney and had such a great time shopping and eating til my heart was content. Probably my favourite purchases was my Chanel ring and Necklace and Zara Cardigan. I cant believe how crazy women go in Zara, People were elbowing each other and running around the shop. I hate to think what Topshop in Melbourne would be like...
I also picked up the new Russh magazine which is full of inspiration as per usual.

On my playlist: Pumped up Kicks by Foster the people

- Abbey

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