Sunday, February 26, 2012

Be still

My new ankle boots from Sportsgirl, just to add some more boots to my ever growing collection.

Pride and Prejudice; Jessica Hische edition. So gorgeous!

Some of my photography, see more here

Some French perfume that my brother bought for me in Monaco, from what he told me it is one of a kind  and you can only buy it in France.

My new slouchy tee from Sportsgirl, I love the colour and the light weight. I'll be using it as a layering piece come winter.

Listening to: Be Still by The Fray (from the new album)

All photographs taken by myself


  1. i love the boots - the heel looks like the perfect size and really comfy.
    your brother is so nice! does the perfume smell good?

    1. Haha yes my brothers a big sweetheart, it smells amazing and kind of reminds me of Lola by Marc Jacobs