Friday, February 10, 2012

My, my heart is

Above: 'Lost Girl' a photograph of mine.
Below: White Blazer I just bought from bardot. Fits like a glove! So gorgeous.

Above: Another of my photographs, Wearing Fleur Wood blouse.
Below: Crystal bullet necklace that just arrived in the mail from the U.S that i bought on Etsy.

Above: Self portrait 
Below: Amethyst ring from Tree Of Life

Above: A poem i wrote from my journal.
Below: New ankle boots to add to my ever growing collection, from Styletread.

Below: Myself 
So here's a few snapshots that I've taken lately. 
Ever since i bought my Chanel necklace I've bee reconsidering my wardrobe. I want to master the whole Vintage/Folk/Hippie look but i also love the minimalistic and sophisticated look. So i decided that i will split my wardrobe in half and mix it up each day. 
I've also made a bit of a wish list of things i need/want. Top of the list is a large black leather handbag. I have my eyes set on a Prada bag, but i wont be buying one for a while yet since I'm saving to go to the Greek islands. Anyway I'm rambling but i search continues for a bag. Also on the wish list is the book 'Modern Vintage style' and 'The virgin Suicides' (I also need to see the movie of the same name.)
Whats on your wish list?

All photographs taken by myself.

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  1. i love this post! those boots are to die for, i just need some extra pocket money.


    stop by sometime?