Friday, January 27, 2012


Heres some snapshots of what i've bought lately..

Pic 1: Close up of Free People dress
Pic 2: Beauty essentionals, illuminator and 60 sec nailpolish. Life savers when your in a hurry and tired.
Pic 3: Free People 'Mohawk Embroidered Dress in Ivory' that arrived in the mail this morning.
Review: Beautiful willowy cotton fabric and embroided detail, Has a vintage/folk look. 
Pic 4: A picture i took a few months ago when the sun was out.
Pic 5: Free people 'Tie Dye Floral Printed Short in Pink' (Find here) that arrived this morning as well.
Review: Soft and willowy fabric like the Mohawk dress above and gorgeous colour combination. Great for wearing to the beach, shops and on long road trips. 
Pic 6: Close up of shorts and free people tag.

Listening to: Tongue tied by Grouplove
- Abbey

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  1. You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great weekend!!! :-) :-) :-)