Monday, January 2, 2012

Til my days are through..

Heres a few snaps of what i bought in Sydney.
pic 1- Polaroid notes and Norweigian wood from a cute indie bookshop on Oxford street.
pic 2 - Some polaroids
pic 3 & 4 - Natasha top, I also got this on Oxford st at the Natasha store. This top looks great with some jeans and boots. I'm on the lookout for some patterned loose fitted shorts to wear with it for summer days and nights as well.
pic 5 - American Vintage t-shirt, I love American Vintage basics, you can never have too many white t-shirts.
pic 6 & 7 - Natasha suede leather fringe vest, I love this because it looks so bohemian. 
pic 8 - Mink Pink washed out denim shorts, these look great with tanned legs and a white t-shirt.

Happy New Year, i cant wait to continue going with this blog and post even more pictures.
- Abbey

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