Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All you need is love..

 Heres some snapshots i took recently of my room and whats inspiring me.
pic 1- Typo 'love' canvas print.
pic 2- My new Mink Pink 'Kitty' sunglasses in white. They are very retro.
pic 3- currently listening to Kimbra on my ipod/iphone/speakers
pic 4- My desk at the moment.
pic 5- A new vintage vase i got from an op-shop for $5 and a flower i found in the garden.
pic 6- My essentials for lounging around: Yen magazine, Ipad 2 (for online shopping, blog surfing and listening to music of course) and a pretty ipad cover to match (from Typo, I love that shop!)
pic 7- Some black and white pictures in the new Yen magazine. I'm really enjoying this issue. 

Next post I will try to list all my favourite online shops with the best Aussie and international brands. 
- Abbey
(All photographs taken by myself)

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  1. Beautiful room and selections! xoxo