Sunday, September 4, 2011

Music to my ears.

Heres some of my favourite albums that i'm listening to at the moment.

Seeker lover keeper - Even though i'm a woman and light up my lights are my favs so far on the album.
Owl eyes - Raiders is a great song, the girl behind the voice is gorgeous as well, she was just in a feature with Kimbra in the new Frankie mag.
Sarah Blasko- Flame trees is probably one of my favourite songs of all time, her version of the cold chisel classic gives me goosebumps.
Stars- Dead hearts is my addiction at the moment. The song is played on the trailer for a great indie film i'm looking forward to called 'Like crazy'.

If you havent heard of any of these i suggest youtubing or itunesing it!


  1. Hey! I love the header of your blog! Where did you find the image? I love drawings like these. <3

  2. hey I just found it in Frankie magazine. If you google 'frankie magazine drawings' you can find some really nice ones.