Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never let me go

ive been dying to see 'never let me go' its based on the book by japanese/Brittish author kazuo Ishiguro, i could explain the Story but its very complex and in doing so i would give away the whole plot so watch the trailer, i can say however that it is about 3 friends Kathy, Ruth and Tommy who live in an idilic boarding School in the country (England), they soon discover the truth behind why they are their and realise they have little time left before they become 'complete'. If that doesnt help go to wikapedia and search the book name. Im so excited about this movie, i love poetic movies with underlying meanings, plus it has Kiera Nightley(my favourite actress), Carey Mulligan(from an eductation and Wall street) and finally Andrew Garfield who isnt bad on the eyes (from the social network) pretty much doesnt get any better.

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