Sunday, August 15, 2010

favourite fashionable movies

As you may of noticed they are all old style movies with poetry, feature beautiful scenery and romance. 
1. Is Atonement, it has kiera nightley (my all time favourite actress), james mcavoy, an amazing storyline must i say anymore?
2. Is the notebook with the beautiful Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, even after i went through 2 boxs of tissues and shed some tears, i just loved the clothes, makeup, hair and of course the love story.
3. Is Pride and predjuice with of course Keira Nightley, i loved the story, the secenery and the fact that lizzy walks everywhere and has a huge ammount of pride.
4. Is becoming jane, i cryed in this one as well. I mean it has the lovley james mcavoy and anne hathaway, beware the ending will leaving you crying. 

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