Monday, May 3, 2010

Winter loves

winter. my favourite time of year, all my favourite things happen at winter time. 1. snow which mean snow skiing my favourite sport. 2. hot chocolate, enjoyed best from gloria jeans of course or rugging up and drinking hot chocolate in front of the tv while watching pride and prejudice. 3. boots, my favorite shoe whether its ankle boots, heeled boots, over the knee boots as long as its boots and its cold im happy. 4. scarfs one of my favourite accesories when worn with the right outfit scarfs can look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 5. books, when its raining and too cold to go outside you dont feel guilty sitting inside reading books all day long my favourites? the notebook, a walk to remember and the last song all by nicholas sparks of course. 6. magazines, in a different categorie to books coming in number 6, i can never read enough magazines after all there my inspiration for outfits. 7. berets, who doesnt love berets? 8. pale skin, although im already as pale as it gets i love the fact that everyone becomes as pale as me. 9. jackets, i lovre jackets and winter is the time to wear them. 10. i could go all day the fact is i love winter!

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